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Online Courses with Dr Ananda

Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani has been offering many online sessions during the COVID19 Pandemic and has successfully concluded the following online courses with hundreds of enthusiastic participants from all over the globe joining the "Zoom Womb" and "Rishiculture E-Gurukula" .

Dr Ananda's recent online courses :

  1. Yogadarshanam (16 hours)
  2. Yantra Navangam (18 hours)
  3. Adhikara Yoga (12 hours)
  4. Mantra Yoga Sadhana (28 hours)
  5. Yogic Psychic Neurology (24 hours)
  6. Satsanga 999 (18 hours)
  7. A Primer of Yoga theory (30 hours)
  8. Gitananda Nada Yoga Immersion (100 hours)
  9. Pranayama Course (ongoing)
  10. Deeper Gitananda (ongoing)
  11. Chakras in Gitananda Nada Yoga (20 hours)

The 52 week Yoga: Step-by-Step course has been offered online from 2nd October 2020 with online guided sessions with Dr Ananda and the International Associate Teachers of the Gitananda Yoga Tradition every Sunday.

This can now be pursued as a recorded version too.

Please contact REGISTRATIONS to register in upcoming sessions and/or to purchase complete set of recordings of these earlier Zoom sessions.