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ICYER Events

Swami Gitananda Youth and Child Awards 2015

Yoganjali Natayalayam, Pondicherry

31st May 2015

Pondicherry Yogasana Association is organizing the16th SWAMI GITANANDA YOUTH & CHILD AWARDS 2015 competitions during May 2015. This is the 16th year that this competition is being conducted. In order to create interest in the art and science of Yoga, the PYA has organised these competitions every year since 2000. In this competition the competitors are tested not only in their Asana skill but also in their Yogic thinking and exposition in addition to other aspects of the art and science of Yoga. The individual events for this year’s competition are Yoga Art, Yoga Fancy Dress, Yoga Suspense Event, Yoga Lec-dem and Yoga Elocution while the team events are Yoga Quiz, Yoga Dumb Charades and Team Yogasanas.

Summer Intensive Classes

Yoganjali Natyalayam

4th to 31st May 2015