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Great article, thank you again for writing.

Dr. Prem Balaguru


Hello sir, I couldn't find words to express my gratitude to ICYER. I'm searching references for my dissertation work. (My laptop hard disk got corrupted and all my previous work & data on references was lost.) When i was looking for references then, it took weeks, just to get 10 references for my protocol. Now, i'm browsing this site. I am getting everything i need. ICYER is an ENCYCLOPEDIA OF YOGA. great work sir. great work. LONG LIVE ICYER.



Yoga science is not a scholarly pursuit.It is a moment by moment and thought by thought practical guide for living.-anonymous. My respectful pranams to the yoga masters on the occasion of World Yoga Day.

Hermann Ott


ICYER is a great manifestation of the divine force. ICYER is a very precious diamond- make sure you deserve to touch it. It`s a blessing to be in contact with. The divine architect is always at work- especially at ICYER.

annette lorenzo


I would like to reference your statements in a writing/research project about yoga in the U.S.A. Yet, they are handicapped by the lack of a typical Indian understanding of universal connective-ness and don’t have the benefit of cultural concepts that have been around for thousands of years. Ultimately a good student transcends every barrier and every limitation and I have wonderful students and members of my Yoga family from every corner of the globe today. What I have understood from all these experiences is that there are sincere Yogis and Yoga Sadhakas everywhere in the world and that we must not label the East or West either as good or bad. Instead we need to work on imbibing the best of the East and the best of the West in a true yogic integration.

krishnendra kalle santani


i was a student of dr. swami gitanandaji maharaj firstly in 1968 and then in 70and71 again. and the last time i visited him in 1992 at his present ananda ashram sight. he was the greatest yogi i had ever met in my life. not only him but mother meenakshi deviji and mr. ananda balayogi ji maharaj also are greatest yogis of india and the world to day. krishna and anna in sweden.

Dr.Vellore A.R.Srinivasan



Bruce Robert


I knew your father. In 1974 I studied with Swamji in Colombo. One day outside the Ashram, I saw him in a cafe waiting for his order. We chatted about his time in USA working with radioactive materials and how some of his colleagues had been severley radiated. His order was late,so I got up to find out where it was: a plate of white rice and a black coffee. (The big treat for him outside the ashram). Later I got him ointment (at his request) for pricklyheat. You were in your Moms womb. Your Dad said "we know who he is and why he is coming". Your father was a force of nature but could exaggerate, probably for effect, but the few of his fast followers of the day all agreed. Best WIshes



hello, Dr. Balayogi, we met at YOGA WEEK in Delhi. I want to know about what is courses fees for Yoga teachers training through correspondence courses. What amount i have to pay.

Oda Lindner


Dear Dr. Bhavanani, I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article in the "Yoga Therapy Today" Journal (summer 2011). It was clear, precise, well-informed and just about the best thing I have read on Yoga Therapy in years. Thank you. With kind regards, Oda Lindner

Lyn Moes


Our September 2010 Retreat was so good that the joy and information still trickle into my daily life.....November 2010

lesleigh Camm


Looking forward to purchasing the new DVD's at Convention in september....lesleigh

Phillippa Henning


Dear Dr Ananda, Thank You for coming to South Africa, we learnt so much from your visit. Felis Henning

Lesleigh Camm


Looking forward to your visit to Australia for our World Convention. See you there.

joseph john


Thankyou for the wonderful guest lecture you delivered at Ragas dental college.I happened to be there to deliver a guest lecture as well.Very informative and the practical lessons at the end was mind boggling.Thankyou.

Diana Herbert


Have been thinking of my time spent at the Ananda Ashram in 1970, it was a wonderful experience. Names and faces I remember from the April '70 Yoga Life magazine of which I still have a copy 40 years on - Ross, Brian, Harry, Dick, Carole, Lesley, etc. and of course dear Swamijee - best wishes for 20101 tour from Diana in Sydney Australia

Bharati Gadepally


Iam happy that I had chosen a good place for Stress management workshop. I had a new learning experience.I wish you all a bright future and success in all your endevours.Bharati

Nirmala Balakrishnan


Happy New Year. I am from Malaysia. I bought your CD, Yoga For Healthy Digestion while I was on vacation in India. I liked the CD so much. Please let me know how to purchase the other titles as wells. Thanks...

Lucie Stacke


Divine all at ICYER namaste, Iam thankfully for so wonderful new photos at web side which allow to share atmosphere and unique energy together with all of you. Thank you again...

latha (leena elo)


Dearest Divine Amma, Dr. Ananda and SMT.Devasena, the Gitananda Yoga Society Germany in Berlin is very happy to have its Chairman Dr. Anand as the honered quest and seminar leader 25- 27 th August here. It will be again for us a great time to learn together on the Yogamarga under Your quiding- we are ready!

Diane Allerby


Roger and I have so enjoyed the DVD's, CD and books we purchased on your NZ tour - especially (for me) the Yoga 1-10. That is truly a comprehensive, informative and very pleasant book. Thank you all. Aum prema, Aum Joytir, Aum Shantih XX

June Burke


What a wonderful retreat with Dr Ananda in Brisbane May 1-3, 2009. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us who attended. We wait in anticipation for your return to Australia.

Uberto Bellini


I am very happy,dott. Ananda Balayogi come back to milan yoga festival 2009. I hope to see again. Ciao. Namas te. Uberto

Anthony Manthey


Hello From your Nebrask cousins. Anthony

Swami Kala Nath


A great find ... just stumbled into this source and beginning to look around. Be well.

Sarah Whiteside


Inspiring pictures on your web site. Great that I can contact you all the way from Wales in the UK. Kind regards



maniyayamithrame this is nice attempt to give awareness about yoga do Yoga and be a Vegetarian for Long Life without disease---- ashokji at Yoga

Raghubir singh


I am Yoga teacher New Delhi.You have any branch in New Delhi.

Mital Lalan


Hello Balayogi, wishing you the very best in all your endeavours. It's a wonderful service u doing for the society. Keep it going.



Kind regards to Dr Ananda known in Milano at Yoga Festival. Namaste

Susier Frisby


I have a question about ordering DVD's. Thanks Susie Frisby

Betsy Laban


Dr. Ananda, It was wonderful meeting you last weekend at the Yoga Therapy Conference in San Rafel. Each session was a treat, each lecture memorable, and each note you sang a joy. Thank you for your energy, your spirit...and your smile. Take very good care, Namaste, Betsy

Cathie Baker


Dear Ananda - I am so happy to have meet you in San Rafael. I hope your trip is winding down well and that you will have a safe return home to your family. I hope to hear from you when you are rested up from your trip. Namaste Cathie Baker

Gladys Ortiz Guerrero


I live in london and would like if you could send me imformation about any events taking plance here. Thank you .

Niraimathi (Nicole Rubio)


Namaste All. I am honoured, humbled and pleased to be part of such a rich tradition, such a great lineage of high integrity and respect for its origins and Guru. My family in Yoga that reaches worldwide and beyond- both back in time and deep into the infinite. Hari Om Tat Sat.



Namasté Divine family, So nice to feel this beautiful energy ...This give a good feeling of Union....With LOVE ...Marie



Dear Meenakshi Devi and Dr. Ananda, Shirshastang Namaskar! Wow! what a site. Thanks for the photos - it really set my mind back to the good old days when i did six months course at the ashram. It is always good to see Dr. Ananda shining and growing. With warm wishes, Sudhakar HARI OM TAT SAT! Cheers! ;o)

Tasha Halpert


Dear Meenakshi, Divine Self, How well I remember still your visit with the young Balayogi and Dr. Gitananda so many years ago at The Ashram, Joann Sherwood’s teaching establishment in Belmont MA. I am so happy to see your thriving environment, your wonderful accomplishments, and the good ehalth you enjoy. Please know that I am ever grateful for all that I learned that weekend, and always from my contacts with yoga, with the fine magazine you publish, and from my personal devotion to the Oneness that is All. I have a book--if you like and have time you can check it out on my site, that is compiled of my efforts to help people be happier and more loving, and I keep working toward that end with a weekly newsletter, Heartwings Love Notes. I thought of you this morninga as I was doing my eye exercises and just wanted to say hello. Bless you always, In Joy, and in Oneness with the All, Tasha



27/02/08 Altea (Alicante) Meenakshi and Ananda. How many times I’ve thought of both of you and of course your father who had such a big influence on our lives in Pondicherry in the 1969 and 1972!! any times I can’t count.Probably the same number of times I’ve sent you grateful blessings. By magic I realized a few minutes ago that you might be still there, still in the good work, and I might be able to contact you. Luckily some things never change. What a blessing to find this is true. Last time I saw you was when we organized the New Zealand tour in 1975..what a happy and inspirational time. I would love to hear from you, how you are and if you are still in touch with our group from the first ashram in Pondy. Kind regards to all especially Brian Bremner (now Brian Douglas) and Fern Camp (Wilkinson),and of course Jay, and Richard too. All friends I’ve lost touch with. As you can see thinking of the 3 of you brings up a lot of wonderful memories. Much love from my family and I now living in Spain. Ross Hurford

cherrie stevens


Dear all...I have just returned from a wonderful and unexpected stay in Puducherry where I was able to attend the International Yoga Festival. I just want to thank you all for the hard work you put into making this a success, the fabulous entertainment every night and your support of your students was outstanding. Noone could fail to see the love and dedication you all have for each other and I found the whole experience of watching you very inspiring.Dr Ananda you ’drumming’ was wonderful and I’m wondering if you have any recordings...?? anyway I will search this site and read with interest your philosophy. many thanks, with love Cherrie




Colleen Buckley


Ohm Shanti

Yogacharini Zena Ursuliak


Namaste Dear Meenakshi & Ananda, What a beautiful reminder of Swamiji, the ashram and your Divine Selves! I so enjoyed every page of your website and am wishing you well. My Dakini Yoga Centre is going well and Swami’s teachings are carrying on in Edmonton. All my Love and Pranams, Zena



Namaste Shankara, Great Photo,s And Presentation. Great Karma Yoga. Muralidharan

Sangeet Bird


Spectacular, inspiring, beautiful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Love to Amma, Dr. Ananda, Mrs Devasena and the two little ones. Sangeet x PS Love the Website! Kudos Yogacharya Shankara

Lesleigh Camm


Hello ...I am so pleased to have some news of you si I hope Do hope you can keep me up to date. I studied your correspondencs course when Swami was still with us and enjoyed it so much and still refer to it....I passed with flying colours. I must look up the date I did the course as you may still have my records. We have changed addres as we were at 54 Cranley st. Toowoomba4350. New address 14 Tarranganda Crt.Glenvale Toowoomba. 4350 Australia.



Hi, beautiful site... I will come to visit you next october...I will live there for few mounths. I’m italian and would like to attend a course. From Italy with love and peace. Crissy



Just looking in at your website before I arrive there on Friday next. Pat.



great love to you all and to our Master swamiG! Beautiful web site. helga from italy( Centro Yoga di Cultura Rishi Siari, Milano)

Celia Soto


Hi Dr. Bhavanani I work at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at the Medical Library. One of our patron is looking for one of your articles that you wrote. Introducing integral yoga psychology in the teacher. Is there any way to get a copy, Please let us know. Celia Soto

jef merx


you are doing fantastic work visited the ahram in 1976 and 1978 best wishes jef, from holland

Ankur Arya


hello plz tell me about this yoga festival i am Ankur arya from karnal(HARYANA)

Dr Ananda


A wonderful Karma Yoga by Yogacharya Sankara Kumar that deserves our all round applause

harry petrie


Greetings from South Africa Harry Petrie Yoga Life Correspondent Student